How to Apply for Social Security Benefits

In order to secure our futures once we have reached the non-active part of our working lifestyle, retirement benefits will be the safest approach for most of us to maintain our lifestyle with the greatest options and provision. There are some who will find this to not be their most viable option, however, in this article we are going to unpack what you need in order to best secure Social Security Benefits and how this works with your pension.

What do Social Security Benefits include?

You can expect your Social Security Benefits to include the following:

  • retirement
  • spousal benefits
  • ailment
  • disability

You would be eligible to receive these benefits after maintaining an active subscription to Social Security while you are still at work. Therefore, it is most important that you pay into your Social Security while you are drawing a paycheck, as this will directly affect your ability to draw from it once you have retired. And as we have no promise of our health or what our retirement age may be, it is in your best interest to draw a portion of your paycheck immediately upon hire to go into your Social Security as a guarantee you have begun investment into your future. This is called applying for Social Security funds.

Is Social Security required for employers?

For all organizations in the United States of America, and a majority of other Republics in the world, Social Security programs are a requirement. In order for you to begin receiving your retirement benefits in the form of a pension, you would need to apply for your benefits with a four month period of time in advance, by informing the Social Security company of your intentions to draw on your pay-in.

Are there any attachments I need to add to my social security application?

There are a few attachments you will need to have in addition to your application, and these will be important to expedite and increase your chances of the most favorable outcome when applying for Social Security Benefits. Below we will outline the necessary attachments for your convince:

  • Original Birth Certificate, or any other proof of birth from the agency that issued documentation
  • United States Citizenship, or documentation proving you are legally here in the United States
  • W-2 forms, proving that you are a self-employed worker in the United States, and dated the previous year end
  • United States Military Service Paperwork, if you were in the US military and received a certificate of release from active duty

Ways to apply for Social Security Benefits

As far as the application process is concerned, you have a few options on how to go about it. Let’s discover them below:

  • Fill out an online application via the Social Security website. This is probably the most common way of applying, as it is user-friendly with simple language.
  • Call the Social Security office. If you are filling out an online application, making a call into the Social Security office will be your greatest asset in getting any questions you may have answered and avoid any misunderstandings or misinterpretations.
  • Visit the Social Security company during working hours. In the United States, these hours are between 7 am and 7pm, Monday thru Friday. You will find that a face-to-face connection is very helpful in answering questions, assisting you in filling out the necessary paperwork, along with key advise if your application does not go through successfully.

What are the advantages of Social Security?

There are many advantages of Social Security. Provision of these benefits is one of the most secure ways of gaining validated help in your time of need. Below we have listed some of the benefits you can reap from applying for Social Security:

  • Pension after retirement: Just because you retire does not mean your bills, travel, or recreation retires. In fact, these very things may increase in cost once you have retired. You will need to have access to funds for your lifestyle to remain healthy and your daily routines to not be dramatically affected. This is secured by an active buy-in to your Social Security while you are working.
  • Sickness: When we suffer from times of ailment and sickness, we may not be in the best position to provide the necessary finances to cover the expenses. Your active Social Security will come in handy, and your subscription to it will substantially cover your financial obligations.
  • Disability: If you are faced with a disability, there may be very little that can be done to ease the trauma and effect it has on your daily routine, not to mention your financial capacity. You may even find yourself unable to continue working, longterm or indefinitely, and in these unforeseen situations, your Social Security Benefits subscription will step in to cover you.

The very best way to ensure that your livelihood and lifestyle continue to be enhanced and protected from the unknowns that can derail our lives, is to apply for Social Security when you are still young.